In a football game that`s more tactical than ever and based on physical skills, technical soccer players who can dribble, who can keep the ball are the ones who give the game charm. If in the soccer field, the tasks assigned by coaches and the game`s tactical rules limit the freedom of expression, on the street there is nothing to stop a skilled soccer player demonstrate his talent and artistry.

Of course, there are big differences between the street football and the professional soccer game and there are many opinions that say that freestyle players not cope with the rigors and tactical rules of a professional game. But that does not mean they are less talented and in addition, any soccer fan loves to see football tricks in which it seems that the ball is connected to the foot of player, little moments of magic with the round ball.

Arnaud “Séan” Garnier, a freestyle soccer star born in France, was force to abandon a professional football career due to injuries, but he kept his love for the game and has turned his attention and skills to freestyle soccer.

Watch the videos below in which Sean Garnier seems to dance with the ball that appears to be an extension of his body. Besides a funny moment of man vs dog game, Garnier does some unique, beautiful tricks, passing the ball between the legs of passersby without them knowing he`s doing that ( kind of a dangerous trick too, considering that people could trip and brake something if Sean misses his timing).

Insane skills, crazy videos. Enjoy.