New York-based artist Erika Harrsch creates art that focuses on what she refers to as “the transformative power of global mobility” in media including drawing, painting, photography, video, animation, and installations as a scenario building based on elements in both artificial and natural environments.

After more than six years of research she has done with an entomologist, observing monarch butterflies closely, the butterflies become the primary visual motif to her art. According to chaos theory, a single flap from the wings of a butterfly can set off a string of events leading to major global changes. Erika Harrsch forms currency butterflies, sculpted from specimen-prints of international bills, linking together economics and ecology as well as the natural and the man-made in a complex web of interconnected systems to symbolically express the fragility of our world.

In Harrsch`s work, the currency butterflies are a representation of change, transition, transformation, fragility and a of symbol of constant mobility. Exploring the cultural and societal notions of money and using the delicate metaphorical image of butterflies, she creates complex symbolic structures to address matters of identity, gender, and migration.

Check out a few of her beautiful works in the galley below.

Erika Harrsch - 2 - Butterfly Art - Flow

Erika Harrsch - 1- Papilionumismia Specimens

papilionumismia ephemerae europeae (eurospecimens), 2011

erika harrsch - 11

Erika Harrsch - 8 - Art

Erika Harrsch - 15

Erika Harrsch - 9 - eurospecimens – papilionumismia ephemerae europeae, 2011

Erika Harrsh - 7 - Butterfly

Erika Harrsh - 5 - Butterfly

Erika Harrsh - 6 - Butterfly

Errika Harrsch - Free

Errika Harrsch - Pump

Erika Harrsch - 10 - Butterfly Effect

Erika Harrsch - 12

Erika Harrsch - DRIFT - 14

Erika Harrsch - Inverted Sky

Erika Harrsch - Paisaje - 1

erika harrsch - spill

Erika Harrsch - Touch

erika harrsch - well

Errika Harrsch - Butterfly Art

photo credit: Erika Harrsch.