So, you painted your bedroom with glow in the dark paint and now you`re looking for a bed to match the décor. Thanks to Russian industrial designer Natalia Rumyantseva,  you can now sleep under the stars without leaving your bedroom. If you like camp outs and the feeling of sleeping under the open sky, this high-tech bed brings the night sky indoors.

The Cosmos Bed, a white, fiberglass structure that’s shaped like a cross-sectioned egg or capsule you’d find in a science fiction film, features a few high-tech details that will no doubt attract you to sleep, including an audio system that plays calming music or white noise, easy-on-the-eyes LED lighting, and aromatic dispensers to emit scents that induce drowsiness. With its creative design, this innovative bed makes you wonder if , in the future, we will just sleep in fully-formed capsules that isolate all disturbances

Besides the star-gazing experience , The Cosmos Bed is like an oasis in the urban jungle, restoring a sense of tranquility to our hectic lives. As for style, with its egg-shaped design, it will look delightful with the modern decor in any room, or even in a studio apartment.

Check it out here.

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