As the streets of big cities are becoming increasingly busy and pollution is a major problem all around the world, the electric motors play a very important role in an industry in transformation. The world of transportation is turning its attention for green vehicles and it seems that every brand of auto maker is coming with their own unique set up.

For those of us who prefer two wheels to four, a German firm called Emo-Bike designed a impressive new electric motorcycle: the Feddz Electric Bike. Shaped like a motorcycle, the Feddz Electric Bike takes advantage of the extra room created by removing the gas tank and motor from the equation , using the space left behind to provide 23 liters of cargo space, with two belts on either side for keeping things secure and a USB port for charging your phone or gadgets.

Aesthetic and functional, the frame cavity that offers the cargo space is the most eye-catching feature of this electric bike (or rather moped because it has no pedals). Powered by a removable battery that sits on the bottom of the frame and can be charged over night, the bike offers a range of 70-110 km. The bikes are available with two different batteries with top speeds between 25kph (the ‘eco’ model) and 45kph (the ‘premium’ bike).

With a price between $8,300-9,700 USD, the Feddz Electric Bike is an investment, but the company points out that a user will save money on fuel in the long-run.

This electric bike seems extremely well suited to urban city life and has a futuristic look that draws attention. So, if you’re in the market for a green way of transportation and willing to pay for German quality with design and functionality, Feddz is the bike for you.

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