Undoubtedly, each of you saw at leat one of the photos bellow, but you did not know who was behind all this, who was the “puppeteer” of these masterpieces. The name of the street painter is Leon Keer, and he is a Dutch artist, born in Utrecht, Netherlands, in the year of 1970. He is a pop-surrealist artist who learned to paint through designing and producing large advertising murals for multinationals such as Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Heineken, Red Bull, Reef, Evian, Remy Martin and Absolut Vodka.

His knowledge of materials, acquired by painting on all kinds of foundations for his clients, led to an interest in experimenting with materials and techniques. Leon Keer works with a mixture of techniques, uses a rich variety of materials, ranging from professional acrylic paints to adhesives, solvents, primers and tar. His subjects and images are entirely contemporary: they could be freeze frames from a video clip.
During his career Leon Keer often presented his art by live-action-painting performances. His ability of performing as a street painter, lets him share the joy of painting with the public. At this moment Leon Keer is a world leading artist in the anamorphic street art. The 3d street paintings are temporary but the images are shared via social media all over the world.

A lot of times, Leon likes to do live street paintings so people can watch him paint. He likes to create his memories into his work. He also likes to listen to the people walking by saying “wow look at that” or “that’s cool”. As a master of perspective, he knows how to pick subjects that grab people’s attention.

Some of his art may seem a little bit strange and mind boggling, because a message seems to be present in his work. Current issues are reviewed, such as current environmental concerns and the livability of this world.The artist observes great impotence and with that a certain degree of indifference from the individual. Leon Keer is constantly aware of the beautiful versus the ugly, a contrast that he expresses and amplifies in his work and which he uses as a metaphor for live.

Leon Keer exhibited his paintings in various Dutch and UK Art Galleries. His work has been showed at several Art shows and Art Fairs in Europe and the US.

He says: ‘Every street art piece is unique and belongs to the street and its residents, the temporary fact about this art form strengthens its existence’.

If you want to see more of his mind blowing art, visit his YouTube Chanel, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.  Enjoy!













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Photo credit:  Leon Keer