We think that every woman deserves to feel special and not have the same heels that someone else does. Everybody knows that all girls have a thing for shoes and chocolate and candy and…mostly all sweets on Earth. This new range of footwear we are presenting brings a fresh meaning to both fashion and pastry – fancy high heels made to look like cake.
Designer Chris Campbell, 29, from Orlando in Florida, US , thought of something unique: since the love for shoes and sweets was so big, why not put them together?! He has expertly painted dozens of pairs of shoes so they appear to be decorated with butter cream, sprinkles, chocolate and very realistic looking cherries.The three dimensional aspect to the decoration makes it seem as if you could just pick a cherry, or lick a dollop of ice cream straight from the tasty sculptures. As a matter of fact, the shoes are so realistic that Chris has been inundated with messages from people asking if they are edible.
And no wonder they look so good: the creations are applied to the shoes with the actual tools used by bakers such as a piping bag and each pair can take between two and four weeks to complete.
Chris has now set up his own shop, The Shoe Bakery, selling the mouthwatering-looking heels and ballet pumps. Some of his designs include cookies, chocolate and sponge cakes, ice-cream sundaes, red velvet cake, and even gingerbread. All their products are handmade. Every last detail is paid attention to.
Special enough? Apparently not, because The Shoe Bakery gives women an extraordinary opportunity: to match their wedding shoes with their own wedding cake! They can create custom one of a kind designs to suit the needs, a copy of something you have seen in their gallery, or heels for special events along with multiple sets for weddings as well.

Chris,  said: “The idea for cake-themed shoes came from my love for cake and the creativity, and thought that is put into women’s shoes. One day I thought why not combine those loves together and bring something new into women’s fashion and that’s how the Shoe Bakery was born.”

Most of the work ranges from $200-400 and takes about 3-6 weeks to design and ship out. Buy a special pair by visiting The Shoe Bakery itself.












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