Oklahoma-based storm chasers Basehunters proved that even at its worst, nature is still incredibly beautiful. On 18 May 2014 the group captured the formation of an incredible supercell thunderstorm between Wright and Newcastle, Wyoming and created an epic time-lapse video, beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Supercells are defined as ‘a special kind of single cell thunderstorm that can persist for many hours and they’re responsible for most of the violent tornadoes in the U.S. In addition to extreme winds, they also dump torrential rain and hailstones that are bigger than golf balls — causing flash floods and a whole lot of damage.

The Basehunters ‘ most recent video captures scary-looking supercell thunderstorm into its formation, then rapid dissipation in a surreal scene.

The group also shared a photo of another storm structure in Wyoming on Twitter.

Wyoming Supercell - Basehunters (1)














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This is not the first time Basehunters have captured footage of a supercell storm forming. Check them out on Facebook and YouTube for more amazing storm chasing footage.