The summer is here and what better way to stay cool than to serve a cold, refreshing drink while enjoying the sea breeze? Frontgate developed a new cooler built for beach duty and perfectly suited to outdoor entertaining, appealing to the nostalgia factor by using the design of Volkswagen’s iconic “hippie van”, a symbol of freedom and counter-culture across the world.

The VW Kombi was the defining image of nomadic hippydom, gracing Bob Dylan album covers, hauling surfers and their boards in search of killer waves and serving as the vehicle of choice for Scooby-Doo and his ghost-busting gang. So deeply embedded in popular culture, it will live on in the imagination, the perfect getaway vehicle for escaping the grind of the normal daily routine for a time.

Recreating the look of a well-worn vintage Volkswagen van, the Frontgate Vintage Van Beach Cooler makes you want to pull out our acid wash jean shorts and blast Fleetwood Mac tunes with some friends on your favorite beach, though a really cool backyard would work just as well.

Handcrafted from recycled 44-gallon oil drums, each hand-painted cooler incorporates the natural distressing found on the drum and features a one-of-a-kind finish, no two are exactly alike. With a capacity of 57 liters or 15 gallons, the cooler could hold up to 35 cans or 18 bottles of wine with ice.

The Frontgate Vintage Van Beach Cooler can be sprayed with a clear metal enamel to maintain glossy finish and is available in Green, Orange and Sky Blue and can be bought for the price of $649.00.

Check it out.

Frontgate's Vintage Van Beach Cooler Frontgate's Vintage Van Beach Cooler Frontgate's Vintage Van Beach Cooler Frontgate's Vintage Van Beach Coolerfrontgate vintage van beach cooler