A new generation of luxury treehouses with modern designs turns childhood dreams into reality. And when it comes to treehouses in which even the most urban dweller would feel at home, no one tops the Baumraum, a German firm specialized in planning and developing treehouses.

With projects all around the world, Baumraum is known for its modern, futuristic approach that manages to uphold the outdoor treehouse spirit, always thinking about the preservation and minimum impact to nature when constructing and aiming to integrate each design into the surroundings. “With the modern tree dwellings we’re building, it’s architecture meets high adventure,” says Andreas Wenning, of Baumraum.

One of Baumraum’s most beautiful custom creations, the Treehouse Djuren manages to perfectly illustrate  the firm philosophy: a luxury hideaway with a naturalist-futuristic design standing on four steel legs, balancing a two-terrace stair against a forked oak tree. The egg-shaped pod was created to serve as a comfortable escape for a family on a wooded property in northern Germany and is clad in wood and zinc and varnished with white gloss around two elliptical windows.

From below, the treehouse is accessed via two ship ladders, which are separated by a lower terrace at a height of 3.8 meters above the ground plane. The second deck is located 5.6 meters in the air and contains entry to the elevated pod. The small dwelling’s vertical load is carried by four inclined steel supports, while it is structurally stiffened through its connections to the trees. The two oaks also bear the weight of the two terraces, through a system of cables and textile straps. The glossy and white egg-shaped profile is contrasted by the robust wood decks and a curved window is integrated into the rounded front facade, providing an additional view outward.

The interior is furnished with a very spacious curved lying area and a bench opposite. Beneath a bench there are drawers made of acrylic-glass with bamboo-sticks inside. From the lying area there is a fantastic view trough the roof-window into the treetop.

Enabling architecture to meet high adventure, treehouse Djuren is a far cry from the kind of tree houses your dad struggled to put up in the backyard when you were a kid. Check out the image gallery below.

Treehouse Djuren - Germany - 1photo source

Treehouse Djuren - Germany - 2photo source

Treehouse Djuren - Germany - 3photo source

Treehouse Djuren - Germany - 3photo credit

Treehouse Djuren - Germany - interior 5 -photo credit

Baumraum Treehouse - Germany - 6photo source

Baumraum Treehouse - Germany - 7photo source

Baumraum Treehouse - Germany - 8photo source

Baumraum Treehouse - Germany - 9photo source

source: trendhunter.com & baumraum.de