It’s time you had a “heaven on earth” kind of vacation. And because it is the middle of the summer, we would like to present the found paradise! The Caribbean is the perfect place for a sun-filled getaway. If a private and romantic trip is on the agenda then the Mooncottage, is the perfect destination. The Mooncottage is situated in the middle of thick gardens that allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of Coral Bay, Tortola, Norman Island, and Virgin Gorda.

Mooncottage is outfitted in exotic hardwood and furnished with upholstered furniture and pops of color. The modern gourmet kitchen and full bath with moonwindow is a great addition to the property. The Mooncottage is located a short distance from the Coral Bay, which is home to the areas bars, restaurants, and beaches. Mooncottage whispers intimacy and pamperes you with all that you could dream of such as two pavilions crafted in native stone bordered by extensive, landscaped tropical gardens with a bubbling Koi pond make this an ideal place for romantic getaways, secret rendezvous, meditation, reading or gazing at each other, wrapping covered verandas and over sized mahogany screens allow non-stop views. Endlessly enchanting,right?

Enjoy this luxury cottage with unobstructed, romantic, down-island views of an endless Virgin Island horizon. Once you arrive, you may never care to leave this uniquely private cottage with Zen Caribbean ambiance. A very secluded luxury Caribbean island rental designed to take full advantage of the sunshine, soft trade breezes and natural splendor of a lush tropical hillside, Mooncottage exceeds all Virgin Island vacation expectations. If you feel like cooking, enjoy one of St. John’s 5-star restaurants, or make a tasty meal for yourself on the grill or in the chef’s kitchen while planning another perfect Virgin Island day in paradise.

Just watch, because no words can describe this breath-taking views. If you want to have this exquisite experience, you can book a  vacation, by clicking here.

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