If you are a Star Wars aficionado or just looking for a sound system with a futuristic look, the OM/One levitating bluetooth speaker is the device for your. Created by Oakland, California-based team OM Audio and called Om/One, the gadget is a spherical speaker that levitates and plays songs when it’s connected to a smartphone or other Bluetooth devices.

So, if flying cars are still a distant dream, at least you could be listening to music through a levitating speaker that looks like Death Star (with a sick sound system, according to its producers).  The Om/One device comprises a tennis ball-sized ‘orb’ speaker that hovers 1.2inches (3cm) above a base thanks to an electromagnet and can generate 100 decibels with 15 hours of battery life.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, which are usually assigned a spot on a bookshelf or a desk, the Om/One simply floats in the air. That lack of friction on a hard surface, OM Audio says, enables it to do more with less.

The speaker is available to pre-order from the firm’s website in three colours: black, white and disco ball. The plain versions cost $179 (£107 plus shipping) and the disco ball version, $299 (£179). U.S. customers are expected to receive their speakers before Christmas, while international customers should get theirs in January.

OM One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

OM One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker 1

OM One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker 2

OM One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker 3