Generally, a tree house is associated with childhood and the idea of having a safe haven, a secret place where no one bothers you. Nevertheless, there are some adults who took this childhood dream to a whole new level, creating unbelievable arboreal dwellings, far more incredible than one could ever imagine.

A childhood fantasy turned into reality, these architectural eye candies are built in all kinds of styles, shapes and sizes, from the traditional to the modern, from tiny shacks clinging to a single bough or unique treetop observatories to sprawling works of art spanning several trees.

Today we have turned our attention to the modern ones, complex structures created by specialized firms or architects that have long outgrown the traditional wooden cabin concept, featuring multiple floors or even glass and mirror elements.

So, enjoy the image gallery below with world’s most beautiful modern treehouses from our point of view.

# the HemLoft treehouse – a wooden egg-shaped structure secretly built by Joel Allen, somewhere in the Whistler Woods, Canada. The tree house has now become somewhat like a hiker’s refuge and is open for all visitors and guests to enjoy. Lovingly constructed over a period of several years with mostly recycled materials and help from friends, the HemLoft is truly one of the most perfect treehouse designs we have seen over the years.

(2) World's Most Beautiful Treehouses - HemLoft Tree Housephoto source (3) World's Most Beautiful Modern Treehouses - HemLoft Tree Housephoto source

# cabin by Cyrén & Cyrén – this tree-top hotel room by Swedish architects Cyrén & Cyrén is accessed via a bridge leading from the hilly forest to an entrance on the roof. The Cabin hangs from the trees and has a roof terrace overlooking the forest. The project is one of five rooms of the Tree Hotel in Harads, northern Sweden.

(4) World's Most Beautiful Modern Treehouses - Cabin by Cyrén & Cyrénphoto source
(5) World's Most Amazing Treehouse - Cabin by Cyrén & Cyrénphoto source

# The Mirrorcube by Tham & Videgard Architects – a unique room in Sweden’s Treehotel has been designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Well camouflaged, it remains invisible wherever it is mounted, reflecting through the mirror facades the surrounding environment.

(6) Modern Treehouse - The Mirrorcube by Tham & Videgård Architectsphoto source
(7) Modern Treehouse - The Mirrorcube by Tham & Videgard Architectsphoto source

# The Lake Tree House in Araras, Brazil – situated on a lake two hours from São Paulo, this 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom Brazilian residence is constructed around an Australian eucalyptus tree and features multiple decks and a children’s playhouse complete with a fire pole and climbing wall. The house boasts two bedrooms, a spectacular lakeside setting and even has a separate tree office.

(8) World's Most Amazing Treehouses - Lake Tree Housephoto source
(10) The Lake Tree House Brazilphoto source

# The Chalkley Treehouses, South Africa – a trio of strikingly beautiful tree houses on the Lion Sands Game Reserve, in the heart of South Africa’s safari land, offer brave guests the chance to sleep under the stars, with wild animals lurking below. The Chalkley treehouse was built sixty years ago, originally as a photographer’s platform. Since then it has been kitted out with a double bed, basin, hot water bottles and dressing gowns.

(11) The Chalkley Treehousephoto source
(12) The Chalkley Treehouse photo source

# Berlin Baumraum Treehouse  – In a tranquil woodland building plot next to Berlin’s popular Krumme Lanke Lake, these urban treehouses provide everything you need for a comfortable retreat within a compact 28m2 structure, 4m up within the forest canopy.  The houses are built of solid wood and covered with a sculptural metal facade, as a reference to the surrounding environment.

(14) Berlin Baumraum Treehouse - World's Most Beautiful Modern Treehousehoto source
(15) Berlin Baumraum Treehousephoto credit

Almke Treehouse by Baumraum – in order to create a meeting place for a scout group near wolfsburg, germany, a treehouse has been designed by baumraum and constructed by the troop of enthusiastic young people on the almke camp site. the elevated structure wraps a sturdy pine, and provides a place among nature for gathering, eating, and sleeping. programs are housed in two nearly identical volumes facing one other, which are offset by a height of one meter.

(17) Almke Treehouse by Baumraumphoto credit
(18) Almke Treehouse by Baumraum photo credit

 # Tree House In The Forest, Mill Valley, California – Cradled among the towering trees of Mill Valley, CA is a home that is as dramatic as the forested backdrop that surrounds it. Made of solid redwood beams, weathered barn siding, and glass, the $1.8 million property evokes a certain sense of arboreal living. Built in 1976, the Marin County home offers some 2,745-square-feet of rustic living space, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Other highlights of the property include numerous wood built-ins and nooks, a sauna, and an expansive second-story deck area that features a hot tub.

(19) Tree House In The Forest, Mill Valley, Californiaphoto credit
(20) Treehouse In The Forrest, Mill Valley, Californiaphoto credit

# The Shitake Tree House, Oregon, USA – This Tree House hangs on its own support beam from one tree which goes through the center of the structure. It is equipped with two full size beds, both of which are in a loft, so you must be able to climb the ladder. And fold out ottoman on the main floor. There is a half bath with a partition privacy screen. This increases the floor space on the main floor. Showers are located in the Bathhouse near the main house.

(21) Shitake Tree House, Ontario, USAphoto credit
(22) Shitake TreeHousephoto source