The electric bikes which until recently seemed to fight a losing battle began to be increasingly popular, representing a viable green solution for commuting in the crowded streets of big cities. To satisfy a growing demand and to face competition, the electric bike manufacturers released some models that make even the most fanatical supporters of the more classical means of conveyance to consider a change and opt for a sustainable alternative that could tackle the crowded streets and solve the parking issues.

The ICON E-Flyer II Electric Bicycle, the brand new model from the rugged 4×4 manufacturer, ICON definitely fits into this category: a bad-ass looking electric bike that is sure to turn some heads while you travel wherever you need to go.

As the first model was sold like hotcakes, ICON decided to hit the market with a fresh new update, the ICON E-Flyer II Electric Bicycle, a modern retro looking e-bike available in nine powder-coated colorways, along with a raft of upgradable extras like hydraulic brakes, luggage racks and high-grade Brooks saddle bags.

If the look is not enough, here are some technical specs that might convince you: with a hydroformed aluminum frame and weighting 69 pounds, the E-Flyer II features a 52V cycle lithium battery that provides a power of 750 watts in street mode (3500 watts in race mode) with 2.5 hours autonomy, reaching speeds of 20mph in street mode and 36mph in race mode.

A stylish new model from ICON and one of the best electric bicycles on the market,  the E-Flyer II Electric Bicycle will certainly raise the bar for the entire industry. Check it out in the image gallery below and visit the manufacturer’s site if you’re interested in buying one.

ICON E-Flyer II (1)Icon E-Flyer II Electric Bicycle (2)Icon E-Flyer II Electric Bicycle (5)Icon E-Flyer II Electric Bicycle (4)ICON Electric Bike (17)

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ICON e-bike (16). ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike (19). ICON E-Flyer II e-bike (18)

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