Today we are “supplementing” our list of realistic arts with a very talented artist, who managed already to put its mark on this kind of art that tricks the senses. Ivan Hoo, a young artist from Singapore, chose wood as a medium because of its texture and how it held color. Using pencils and pastels, he has illustrated drawings of spilled coffee, crumpled paper, cling wrapping and broken eggs with such feeling and dimensions that it’s difficult to tell they aren’t real.

He manages to give birth to these awesome creations by cleverly working with pastels and wood boards.He started experimenting on wood some years back with portraits as his subject, and after that going further with a totally different concept: “I started to think of ideas and draw things that we could see ‘happening’ on a piece of wood, so the very first idea that struck me was the dripping effect. That was my first anamorphic work.”
When he posted on his Instagram and Facebook, he got a very good feed-back, so he gained confidence and motivation to continue with this kick-ass concept. When one of his pieces of wood is finished, it looks as if he glued a picture to the wood board.  See for yourselves!


ivan hoo 1

ivan hoo 2

ivan hoo 3

ivan hoo 4

ivan hoo 5

ivan hoo 6

ivan hoo 7

ivan hoo 8

ivan hoo 9