The idea of blending vintage and modern has quickly become a trend and although the latest gadgets tend to be sleek and flashy, many consumers are becoming more attracted to retro-style technology. Outfitting new products and devices with a vintage vibe set the products apart from the multitude of shiny gadgets and appeals to consumers who want to take part in the novelty of a romanticized culture of years past. Retrofitted accessories allow consumers to keep up with all the latest gadgets, providing at the same time originality and uniqueness.

This is the case for Qwerkywriter, a mechanical typewriter keyboard that can be used with your desktop, laptop, or even tablet via USB or Bluetooth, offering a deeper and infinitely more tactile experience than contemporary flat, plastic keyboards. Created by the US manufacturer Qwerkytoys, the Qwerkywriter consists of round black buttons with metal edging, line feed lever and paper roll, an exceptional mechanical keyboard that turns tablets and computers in stylish retro objects with the charm of a typewriter from the 20s.

One of its strongest features, besides the retro look, is that the 84 keys on the keyboard are operated by mechanical switches, giving it a significantly perceptible sound, an audible click reminiscent of old typewriters.

In the financing of its Qwerkywriter the Qwerkytoys manufacturer went the way through Kickstarter and after almost $130,000 is headed for mass production, with units shipping summer 2015. For now, you can preorder a Qwerkywriter for $309, and make sure you do because the price will jump to $399 after release. Check it out.