Brace yourselves, because Halloween is coming! We’re sure that everyone is trying hard to stand out from all the ones who are organizing a party. Well, in order for that to happen, you need the help of Spanish creative duo Ruth & Sira Garcia. They have created a delicious assortment of skull-shaped chocolates that would make the perfect treat for Halloween or for any other related festivities. Incredibly creative, the skulls are made out of white or milk chocolate and topped with gummy or walnut brains. Granted, the Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts do look very intricate and detailed. They have even created pairs of severed legs with gummy nerves dangling out of it.

We didn’t expected them to look so appetizing. It must be said that these two came up with an original idea that captures the whole essence of the Halloween spirit.

Parties that will serve up these morbid sweets are sure to be remembered. Sadly, the duos announced on their Facebook page that they are unable to produce these chocolates at the moment due to their jobs. But hey! Perhaps the images will inspire you to try making them on your own. If you succeed, these body parts will be the life of your party.


chocolate skull 1 chocolate skull 2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA chocolate skulls 3 chocolate skulls 4 chocolate skulls 5 chocolate skulls 6