We all hate alarm clocks! When your sleep is the deepest and the dream is the sweetest, the nightmare begins. It is starting to shout at you! And worse, it disturbs your partner and you start to fight, both of you oh so grumpy! But that’s that! Meng Fandi turns our awakening to a smooth and pleasant activity with The Couple Alarm Clock, or Ring Alarm Clock.

The Ring Alarm Clock is specially designed for couples and deaf-mute people and awakes them with a gentle vibration rather than an acoustic signal. Meng Fandi has not only designed a product so elegant and future retro that we absolutely have to have it, but he solves several problems at the same time. From transforming the wake up process into a smooth ride to not waking your partner with your alarm, Meng has it covered.

This genius product consists of a base and two rings, which can be worn on the finger pad, the most sensitive part of the finger. Ring components include a micro-chipped base and two malleable cylinders equipped with micro-vibratory properties. One of the latter slides over and affixes to a wearer’s finger pad–the most sensitive part of that particular extremity–to unobtrusively rock him or her awake. The Ring base sets rise-and-shine times, as well as charges both Rings when not in use. It is not specified whether or not the device incorporates a snooze button or what happens if you accidentally contort in your sleep such that the Ringed finger ends up in close proximity to an eyeball just before the vibrations kick in. That would be unpleasant.

The creator of the Ring Alarm Clock has already won a bunch of design and idea awards, because let’s face it: it looks, sounds, and feels good!

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