As you have seen in some of our previous articles, the world of steampunk is currently enjoying a renaissance, the term evolving beyond its literary meaning to refer to a style of art and design. There are dozens of artists who modify or create objects to achieve a steampunk aesthetic. From pubs decorated in the steampunk style to steampunk tattoos, this creative movement has become a source of inspiration in the most diverse fields, the imagination being its only limit.

Out of all the awesome and fascinating steampunk accesories that go with this style, the steampunk jewelry is one of the most elaborate and creative forms, as the quality and craftsmanship are key factors. Continuing the concept of beauty of form with function, the steampunk inspired jewelry gives a retro-futuristic vibe to any outfit and it can mean totally original designs.

Most steampunk jewelry is generally a variety of old watch gears, small brass items, old-fashioned keys, machine parts, nuts and bolts and other mechanical looking pieces. All of these materials give a mysterious and antique look to any jewelry piece. Steampunk jewelry is usually a great convergence between modern and Victorian style jewelry. The look is without a doubt exciting, imaginative, and fashionable.

Frequently quite bold and sometimes aggressive in appearance, the jewelry inspired by the steampunk aesthetics is often handmade and hardly ever mass-produced, scoring again at the originality and uniqueness chapter.

Romantic but edgy, industrial yet artistic, the steampunk jewelry has taken the imagination of jewelry makers for the past few years. Check out the gallery below with 15 of the most creative steampunk jewelry from our point of view. Lovers of vintage jewelry and design are sure to go crazy for them.

# Steampunk Necklace By LondonParticulars ($55.00) –  a vintage clockwork butterfly & light sapphire Blue and Montana Swarovski crystals 

Steampunk Necklace By LondonParticulars (1) Steampunk Necklace By LondonParticulars (2)# Steampunk Earrings By London Particulars ($79.00)  – vintage watch movements & emerald green Swarovski crystals

Steampunk Jewelry - Earrings By LondonParticulars Steampunk Jewelry - Earrings By LondonParticulars (2)

 # Steampunk Ring By LabCreatedGemJewelry ($115.00) – black silver oxidized blood red ruby ring 

steampunk ring by LabCreatedGemJewelry (1)

steampunk ring by LabCreatedGemJewelry (2)

#  Flying Heart Necklace By steelhipdesign ($455.00) heart with wings charm, green glow in the dark jewelry

Flying Heart Necklace By steelhipdesign

Flying Heart Necklace By steelhipdesign 2

# Steampunk Necklace  By London Particulars ($55.00) – A fantastically detailed vintage watch movement butterfly steampunk necklace, detailed in the neo Victorian style

Steampunk Necklace  By London Particulars (s1) Steampunk Necklace  By London Particulars (s2)

# Unisex Steampunk Ring By inspiredbyelizabeth ($48.00) – a solid band that can expand up to a size 12.5 is adorned with a barrell shaped vintage watch movement

steampunk ring by inspiredbyelizabeth (1)

steampunk ring by inspiredbyelizabeth (2)

# Steampunk Necklace By SteampunkBoutique ($65.00) –  featuring a vintage Art Deco Moire patterned, ruby jeweled oval shaped silver watch mechanism (non-working) with MOIRE patterned silver finish.

Steampunk Necklace By SteampunkBoutique 1

Steampunk Necklace By SteampunkBoutique 2

# Steampunk Ring By LondonParticulars ($55.00) -stunningly intricate ring is made with Vintage Swiss Ruby Jeweled Watch Movement which measures 15mm by 18mm and is set upon an intricate filigree which beautifully befits the neo Victorian aesthetic.

steampunk ring by LondonParticulars 2 steampunk ring by LondonParticulars 1

# Steampunk Necklace By SteampunkBoutique ($56.00) – a beautiful Steampunk necklace featuring a vintage Swiss 17 ruby jeweled hex shaped silver watch mechanism (non-working) with silver finish. Wheels and gears, rubies set within silver, contoured gleaming plates.

steampunkboutique necklace 1

steampunkboutique necklace 2 - steampunk necklace

# Steampunk Necklace By edmdesigns ($175.00 ) an exceptional offering of a gorgeous necklace created from a very bold, antique silver ornate pocket watch.

steampunk necklace by edmdesigns 1

steampunk necklace by edmdesigns 2

# Steampunk Earrings By edmdesigns ($135.00) – a very delicately beautiful pair of Steampunk earrings. They feature an antique silver plated open heart stamping with ornate flourishes – very open and airy.

steampunk earrings by edmdesigns (1) steampunk earrings by edmdesigns (2)# Steampunk Necklace By SteampunkBoutique ($54.00) – a beautiful Steampunk Neo Victorian Ribbon – Bow necklace featuring a vintage SEIKO 17 ruby jeweled petite oval shaped watch mechanism (non-working) with silver finish.

SteampunkBoutique - Steampunk Necklace (1)

SteampunkBoutique - Steampunk Necklace (2)

# Steampunk Ring By edmdesigns ($75.00) – a beautiul Steampunk inspired neo Victorian style ring.

Steampunk Ring By edmdesigns 2 Steampunk Ring By edmdesigns 1

# Steampunk Bracelet By edmdesigns ($575.00) – steampunk bracelet with sterling silver watch parts and turquoise Swarovski crystals

Steampunk Bracelet 1

Steampunk Bracelet 2# Steampunk Ring By SteampunkBoutique ($55.00) – a stunning Steampunk ring featuring a gorgeous vintage Swiss ruby jeweled watch mechanism (non-working) in polished silver. This fabulous timepiece has a hex shape design that houses the silver and brass gears and deep genuine ruby jewels set within.

steampunk ring by SteampunkBoutique (1)

steampunk ring by SteampunkBoutique (2)