Since 1980s, the art form created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso, or so called latte art, has been widely welcomed within the modern society, which thirsts for elegance and beauty. With the strong need of the society, the Baristas, coffeehouse bartenders, have sought for creativity and evolution for the latte art since then, resulting in plethora of patterns and even variants in the industry.

Today, we’ll show you what’s the result after you mix art, coffee and…cats. At first sight, you would think this is just some Photoshop genius working his magic. Well, it’s not! It’s all real, a thousand times more magical than any other Photoshop. The following hyper-realistic cat latte art is almost too real to drink it. Japan and its bartenders are setting higher standards in the art of coffee drawings up against “super-kawaii”, the 3D sculpture of latte foam into various animal shapes.

These gorgeous cups of coffee offer a sort of optical illusion. Its like the cats reflections are starring right back at the customers, making the coffee and animal lovers happy. The pieces of art are made in order for you to stare at them, not to wreck it and drink it. Absolutely incredible!

hyper realistic cat latte art

hyper realistic cat latte art 1

hyper realistic cat latte art 3

hyper realistic cat latte art 2