We all dreamed at least once in life to a dream house and each one of us has his own conception of it. Whatever your idea of a dream house may be, we’re sure that the crib we’ll present below perfectly fits in this category: Casa La Roca by Parque Humano, a beautiful house with an awesome contemporary design.

Located in Valle de de Bravo and designed by Parque Humano the beautiful residence boasts a rather unique design and offers amazing views, stunning amenities and a welcoming comfort. The project is linked to the surrounding landscape, not only making the most of the natural panorama, but the building itself is triangular shaped to accommodate the angular plot of land.

Taking a look at the design of the Casa La Roca you could easily observe the words that defines it: modern, contemporary. The house is composed of two volumes, both of them very spacious, separated by a garden and connected by a bridge. The first one includes the ground level with the living room, dining space and the kitchen and on the second level the bedrooms are placed. The second volume has a different purpose and hosts a working studio, facing the inner court. The interior design is absolutely fabulous, very modern and chic, exuding an atmosphere of outdoor life, creating a new dynamic perception of the space by emphasizing the emotional bonds between subject and nature.

With transparent glass sliding doors and huge windows the residence offers open spaces and a continuous connection to the outdoors, allowing the house to incorporate the surrounding nature and welcome it inside. By living in close connection to the nature, inhabitants can enjoy more of the natural world and get inspired by natural elements. The house acts as both a shelter and a private space where stress is not invited – the definition of a dream home.

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