Baby Terrors by Alex Solis is one of the most creative, beautiful and funny series of illustrations that we’ve seen lately. Solis, a Chicago-based illustrator and graphic-designer with an original and very recognizable style, turns simple drawings into awesome finished pieces. Approaching a large variety of topics, his illustrations are distinguished by simplicity, creativity, plus a dash of humour, making him very popular on the web.

His recent project, Baby Terrors is part of Inktober event, a worldwide endeavor in which artists are invited to create a ink drawing a day, challenging themselves, proving (or improving) their skills.

Choosing an original theme and transposing it on paper in his characteristic style, Solis managed to create an amazing new series: he has re-imagined iconic monsters, killers, maniacs, and other terrifying characters from horror movies and tales as babies. He featured several characters such as Chucky, Freddy Krueger or Dracula as cuddly babies, making them to look kind of adorable and more than a little disturbing.

This is how popular horror movie characters may have looked like in their younger years in Solis’ vision. Cute and funny or even creepier than the originals, what do you think?

# baby Hannibal Lecter

Baby Terrors By Alex Solis - Hannibal Lecter# baby Chucky

Baby Terrors By Alex Solis - Chucky

# Baby Samara – The Ring

Baby Terrors By Alex Solis - Baby Samara - The Ring# baby Dracula

Baby Terrors By Alex Solis - Dracula# baby Grim Reaper

Baby Terrors By Alex Solis - Grim Reaper#baby Jason

Baby Terrors By Alex Solis - Baby Jason# baby Alien

Baby Alien By Alex Solis# Baby Leatherface

Baby Leatherface By Alex Solis# Baby Pazuzu – Exorcist

Baby Pazuzu - Exorcist By Alex Solis# Baby Nurse Joker

Baby Nurse Joker By Solis

photo credit:  © Alex Solis (Instagram)