In a nutshell, the following product is described perfectly using only one word: opulence. When you look at a Nikon Df you think of perfection and fully functional. If you thought this $2,750 Nikon is expensive, you just might want to reconsider. Brikk, the luxury brand known for offering the iPhone and other smartphones covered in gold and platinum, has announced the release of a special edition called The Lux Nikon Df Kit Finished In 24K Gold. For an incredible $41,395, buyers will get one of 77 limited edition models, which includes the camera body, a Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, and accessories, all plated in yellow gold.

The non-gold parts, including the hand grips, zoom and focus rings, and the top of the flash are all covered in black stingray leather. Although it suffered some modifications, the camera looks and functions exactly the same, but in addition to the standard ones, the lens cap/lens hood and the Zero Haliburton hard shell case are covered in 24K gold.

It took the company almost a year to develop all these details because the gold parts are hand polished. For those of you who can afford this sort of acquisition, the company offers 1 year warranty. Moreover, for each Lux Nikon Df sold, a specific amount of money will be donated to suffering populations in need, with the help of certain NGO’s.

Well, Brikk sure thought of everything by combining business with pleasure, adding some acts of charity. Well done!




the lux nikon df 8

nikon df

the lux nikon df

the lux nikon df 2

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 source:  slashgear