We’re back to our favorite topic, the art of tattooing as we’ll add a new skilled artist to our growing list of kick ass  tattoo artists from around the world: Mo Mori, an ink artist who comes from Berlin, Germany one of the most productive areas of the industry.

Another  female artist that manages to impose herself in a field that is still dominated by men, Mo Mori impresses even more as she practices a difficult style, a mix of watercolors and dot work tattoos with geometric influences.

Whether they are watercolors tattoos, geometric ones or combinations, her ink pieces are distinguished by super stylized drawings,  tremendous attention to detail and a very good understanding of the color depth.

Guided by the motto “you think it, I ink it”, Mo Mori offers two essential things for a tattoo: originality and quality. Her style is defined by the techniques mentioned above but it is not limited by them, managing to creatively integrate various graphic elements and texts in her tattoos, creating true works of art on the skin.

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the image gallery below, a selection we made with a few of our favorite Mo Mori tattoos and visit her website, Facebook & Instagram for more.

Mo Mori Tattoos - Watercolor Tattoo (1)

Mo Mori Tattoo - Watercolor Tattoo (2)

Mo Mori Tattoo - Abstraction (3)

Mo Mori Tattoo - Watercolor With Geometric Influences Tattoo (4).Mo Mori Tattoo - Watercolor Tattoo Style (5)

Mo Mori Tattoos - Graphic Tattoo (6)

Mo Mori Tattoos - Watercolor-like Tattoo (7)

Dot Work Geometric Tattoo - Mo Mori

Mo Mori Watercolor Tattoo (8)

Mo Mori Watercolor Tatoo With Geometric Influences (9)

Mo Mori Watercolor Tattoos (11)

Wartercolor Tattoo By Mo Mori (12)

Watercolor Tattoo By Mo Mori (14)

Tattoo By Mo Mori (15)

Tattoo By Mo Mori (16)

Mo Mori Tattoo (17)

Tattoo By Mo Mori (18)