Today we’ve come across a real architectural wonder put together by IO Studio. The Prague’s Customer Experience Center for Vodafone (Vodafone CEC) was established for the presentation purposes to the clients.

The space begins with a “welcome zone” or a relaxation zone for the customers form around the world. The main part of the presentation occurs at the central – “Onenet” object which leads from the back section via a narrow corridor and provides every customer with a slow transition between the real world and the digital one. From there they continue to another two separated and differently shaped parts where the tour comes to an end.

The goal was to create a space which reflects the corporate identity. The most important role of the presentation is to focus on the customer solution known as the “Onenet” product.
The whole proposal is designed to be mobile. All construction is designed and prepared so that it can be completed within 5 working days, completely disassembled and transported to a new location with no detriment to the appearance or quality. The maximum size of all structures corresponds to the minimum size of door openings of a standard administrative building. For this project, they used a combination of red and white foil to create Vodafone branding color pattern.

The IO Studion simply outdid itself! From our point of view, among all their furniture designs, this definitely stands out the most!


vodafone 1

vodafone cec 2

vodafone cec 3

vodafone cec 4

vodafone cec 5

vodafone cec 6

vodafone cec 7

vodafone cec 8

vodafone cec 9

vodafone cec 10