I bet everyone is sick of the huge stack of junk mail on their table. You spend an entire day sorting bills to bills and throwing out useless flyers until the table is squeaky-clean! And then after some time it starts all over again. What if, instead of putting yourself at risk for multiple paper cuts, you could eat some of that mail? With the edible greeting cards, you fill your tummy and not your table, with a fruity little note.

A Seattle-based company called Eat the Fine Print is making a series of edible cards. They look like regular paper cards, but are made with a mixture of potato starch, water, palm oil, food coloring and natural fruit flavors.
You unwrap the card, read the message written in edible ink, then start nibbling. And if you want to try just a bite, then save your card for later, it will last for two years in a cool, dry place.

There are six different gluten-free cards, each priced at $9. There’s an orange-flavored birthday card, three blueberry-flavored cards, a key lime pie card and a strawberry-flavored card.

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