We all know what a world globe is and its importance for the mankind throughout history. These days, globes are more of a symbol for navigation, a functional educational reference tool, rather than a practical instrument (hard to beat Google Maps) and sometimes their sole purpose seems to be as ironic cigarette/alcohol holders.

However, they ares still people who know how to take advantage of this relatively inexpensive way to decorate an office or a room, using maps and globes not only to provide a learning experience, but as a great way to make a design statement transforming them into art and key elements of decor. Maps and globes are universally appealing in decorating, and one of the simplest ways to bring graphic, colorful art into your home.

We surfed the web for you to bring a list of 15 most creative and beautiful world globes, incredible items of remarkable craftsmanship and awesomeness that make fantastic home décor, reminding us of our past travels, or places we seek to visit when given the opportunity. Check it out and satisfy your wanderlust and decorate your home with these globes.

#1 Illuminated City Lights Globe ($90) – this rotating globe illuminates to show how the world’s cities look at night from space. True to the view from orbit, the globe glistens with a soft white glow in major metropolitan areas throughout Eastern Europe and North America and has sparsely lit areas scattered throughout Africa and Russia. 

most beautiful and creative globes - city lights globe (1)

most beautiful and creative globes - city lights globe (2)

#2 “Flutter By” Globe By ImagineNations™ ($599.00) – featuring a stunning arrangement of butterflies shaping the world’s continents and migrating in between them, this globe is guaranteed to make your heart flutter with delight.

beautiful world globes - Flutter By globe 2 s



beautiful world globes - Flutter By globe 1

 #3 Atmosphere Anglo Globe ($175) –  modern Scandinavian design combined with state-of the art digital cartography result in a truly contemporary world desk globe. The Anglo’s simplistic yet provocative design is the work of award winning Danish designers Henrik Holbæk and Claus Jensen. Each globe is primarily still handmade, blown in a similar fashion to glass and assembled on to its base. We consider Atmosphere Globes to be among the most beautiful globes in the world.

Atmosphere Anglo Globe - beautiful globe for sale  (1)

Atmosphere Anglo Globe - beautiful globe for sale  (2)s

#4 “Bloom” Globe By ImagineNations™ ($450.00) –  red roses blooming out of America, purple Iris’ sprouting out of Africa, orange lilies shooting up in Brazil. Set upon a black globe with a silver base, this stunning bouquet globe will be the talking piece in any room. Also available in ivory globe.


Bloom Globe By ImagineNations™ (1)

Bloom Globe By ImagineNations™ (2)


#5 Brainstorm 2 in 1 Earth and Constellation Globe with Light Sensor (£34.99) – this amazing globe shows the earth by day and space by night – 2 globes in 1! The illuminated night globe shows key stars and constellations with their Latin and common names. An advanced light sensor automatically turns on the LED illumination whenever the room darkens, magically transforming the earth globe into a fascinating map of the stars.

Brainstorm 2 in 1 Earth and Constellation Globe

Brainstorm 2 in 1 Earth and Constellation Globe (2)

#6 Capital Q Globes from Atmosphere ( £109.95) – with its black oceans and silver continents, this globe has a very clean, modern aesthetic melded into its futuristic design. The durable vinyl globe ball rests upon ball bearings in the rubber and aluminium base, allowing for smooth movement of the globe in any direction. Capital city and major place names have of course been included in the cartography. Country names appear in larger bold letters, whilst Capital cities are marked with a red star and major place names are marked with a black square.
Capital Q Globes from Atmosphere 3

Capital Q Globes from Atmosphere 4 (2)

#7  Stellanova Illuminated Stars 5″ Globe ($91.30) – the globe is 5″ in diameter, covered by constellations, and can be lit up from the inside. it throws the most wonderful shadows on everything.

stellanova constellation globe (1)astellanova constellation globe (1)


#8 Black Ocean Aviation Globe by George Glazer ($1,500) – this Weber Costello Co. terrestrial table globe features black oceans with geographic entities in various bright colors, a calibrated chromed half meridian and a chromed rounded airplane-form base. Features shown on globe, as indicated in key, includes capitals and cities, railroads, steamship lines, canals, mountainpeaks.

black oceans aviation globe by george glazer 1sblack oceans aviation globe by george glazer 2s

 #9 Custom “Travels” Pushpin Globe By ImagineNations™ ($299.00) – for the family that is happiest on the go, this 12″ antique colored globe is the perfect way to forever cherish your worldwide memories. Comes customized with your family name and ready for your personal touch. Includes kit of pushpins, flags and string to pin your travels.

Custom Travels Pushpin Globe (1)sCustom Travels Pushpin Globe (2)s#10 Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe ($135 ) – Levitron AG technology heralds a breakthrough in the art of magnetic levitation. Observe Earth levitate in space – only touching air! 


Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe 2

Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe 1

#11 Illuminated Stem Reflection Globe ($390) – Danish modern design meets state-of-the-art digital cartography in this contemporary, white ocean world globe. The Stem Reflection is a very stylish floor globe with its tapered chromed steel stand and simple map design.  A unique illumination feature is incorporated into the globe which darkens the oceans while lighting up the continents when switched on.

Illuminated Stem Reflection Globe 2

Illuminated Stem Reflection Globe 1#12 Metallic Spinning Globe By Mova ($134.99) – sleek silver metallic continents bring a modern aesthetic to this self-rotating globe. Political borders as well as major cities are clearly labeled. The globe spins effortlessly atop a three column solid acrylic base. No batteries or electrical cord are required as this globe harnesses solar energy to power its internal drive mechanism. 


Metallic Spinning Globe 1

Metallic Spinning Globe 3#13 “Onward” Globe By ImagineNations™ ($325.00) – encourage us to explore what their future holds with this simple tip, “The World Is Yours”. This globe can be thoughtfully customized for the perfect gift. Choose from black, blue or ivory globes.

Onward Globe By ImagineNations (1)

Onward Globe By ImagineNations (2)#14 Powdered Mother-of-Pearl 4″ World Gemstone Globe In Gold Hand ($118.00) – 25 Grade A gemstones are used for the oceans and countries of the world in the 4″ globe.  The globe rotates and is attached to the hand.

Mother-of-Pearl World In Hand Gemstone Globe - Gold 1

Mother-of-Pearl World In Hand Gemstone Globe - Gold 2

#15 Vaugondy 1745, Noir Globe ($190) – the globe has a paper mache core, similar to the 18th century originals. Maps have been researched in libraries across Europe, and lovingly re-printed. Twelve hand-applied paper gores make up the globe and is seated atop a contemporary black hardwood stand with chrome finial and feet.

Vaugondy 1745 Noir Globe (2) Vaugondy 1745 Noir Globe (1)