Have you ever thought about drawing on water of even writing on water? Or have you ever at least played with water color? Wen I was a kid, I used to drip-drop some colored ink into the water and had fun just watching it disperse onto the surface of the water. We’ve found an incredibly talented artist who kind-of does the same thing, only the result is absolutely amazing! Artist Leigh Reyes succeeds in drawing and writing on water and making kickass calligraphy with the help of colored ink and… water drips.

On a Clairefontaine Drawing paper (83lb), she uses a dropper bottle with a narrow opening to draw lines and shapes, then attempt to make sense of the water squiggles with ink. Starting out by “drawing” a basic outline with water, she uses her high quality calligraphy pen to essentially write on the water. Watching the ink bleed and get carried off by the moisture is beautiful.

We don’t know much about her, except that she often posts her drawings on her Youtube, Web and Tumblr accounts. Check them out! What do you say? Would you be able to do that? If you succeed, who knows? Maybe it will make a perfect gift for the holidays.

writing on water gif

writing on water 5

writing on water 4

writig on water 3

writing on water 2

writing on water 6