Street art has evolved so much lately, becoming one of the most influential art movements of the 21st century, changing the face of the world literally, through the visual impact and figuratively, through its message and getting to be celebrated in various festivals around the globe.

The RAW Project (Re-imagining the Arts in Wynwood) is such an event, offering the artists a chance to display their talent and craftsmanship, transforming the streets in open air museums. One of the best pieces created for the project, an example that perfectly illustrates how much the technique of the street artists has evolved is a stunning metallic mural that depicts a dog, created by the Puerto Rican artist Bik Ismo.

The shiny mural has an absolutely insane level of detail, reflecting objects and scenes from the surrounding area, which makes it easy to forget that it was done entirely in spray paint on a flat surface. Bik spent about 4 days working on this metallic dog, each section of the mural being painted in the way that a tattoo artist would paint a hyperrealistic portrait.

The Puerto Rican artist shows his impeccable technique with this stunning piece, proving once again that the street art deserves its place in the top rankings of the world’s art scene.

Take a look at the mind mind-boggling metallic mural by Bik Ismo and enjoy its beautiful silver tones, fine shadows and contrasts and if you want to see more of his incredible work, check out his Instragram.

Metallic Mural By Bik Ismo 4

Metallic Mural By Bik Ismo


Metallic Mural By Bik Ismo 2s

Metallic Mural By Bik Ismo 3

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