Some of the most controversial and often the most regretted tattoos, the matching tattoos for couples remain one of the best bonding experiences a couple can ever have, as getting inked with the same symbol is a strong testimony of love.

As with any tattoo, before you get inked you should always remember that ink is forever – hopefully, so is your love .  A couple matching tattoo can be an expression of eternal love but at the same time it can be a foolish move if things don’t go exactly as you  want.

So, before doing this step you should consider all the pros and cons of getting matching tattoos. While it works for couples who brave the stormy waters and pitfalls and survive the ups and downs of a relationship, it can be a constant and painful reminder of things gone wrong if the relationship fails to stand the test of time.

A couple tattoo is a decision that should not be taken lightly for sure. But if you are sure that a couple tattoo is really what you want and you decide to go ahead and get matching tattoos, you should always keep in mind a few things that generally apply to any tattoo: opt for an original, unique design and choose a symbol/quote that represents you.

We have made a selection with a few of our favorite matching tattoos for couples so check the image gallery below for inspiration.

Matching Tattoos For Couples (1)

Matching Tattoos For Couples (2)

couple tattoos (3)

Couple Tattoos (4)

couple matching tattoos (5)

Couple Tattoos 5

couple heart tattoo (8)s

Pair Tattoo 11

foxes couple tattoo 10

Sasha Unisex Couple Tattoo 15

Colorful Couple Tattoo 14

Day Of The Dead Couple Tattoo 17

Skulls Couple Tattoo 20s

Couple Tattoo By Sasha Unisex 18

Skeleton Couple Tattoo 24

Beauty And The Beast Couple Tattoo 19

Skulls Couple Tattoo 21

Seals Couple Tattoo By Sasha Unisex 23

Skulls Matching Tattoo 22

Cats Couple Tattoo 25

Lion & Lioness Tattoo 27

Pair Tattoo - Love Tattoo 30

Birds Couple Tattoo 28

Anchor Matching Tattoo 29

King And Queen Tattoo 32

Couple Ink 33

Bird Couple Tattoo 34

Love Ink 35 - Love Tattoos

Love Tattoos 37

Lion And Lioness Tattoo For Couples 39

King And Queen Tattoo 40


Corpse Birde Couple Tattoo 42

Love Ink 36

Better Together Tattoo

Love Matching Tattoo 44

Birds On Branch Couple Tattoo

Skulls Matching Love Tattoo 45