Alice In Wonderland Mural By Irony and Frank Styles is one of the most beautiful street art pieces that we’ve seen lately. Dubbed as Alice Through The Looking Glass the mural is part of The Cultural Spring art exhibition hosted and curated by Garry Hunter.

Irony is an UK based street artist who has already proven his skills with awesome hyper-realistic murals that have been spotted all over London. With his latest street art piece he managed to outdone himself, creating in collaboration with Frank Styles whom added the calligraphy on the artwork, the world’s first UV street art piece.

The mural depicts Alice from the classic story “Alice in Wonderland” who is seemingly trying to break out from the surreal world that surrounds her. She’s back-grounded by the storybook-like calligraphy created by Styles, a letter about a missing part of the of the Alice in Wonderland story that was cut because the illustrator didn’t want to draw it. The image of Alice is based on the model Faith Rutherford.

The UV effect was achieved through black light paint, which was applied to highlights, lights and timing infrastructure that are permanent and installed just for the piece to glow in the dark. A beautiful example of how much the street has evolved on all levels, both visually and in terms of the transmitted messages.

Alice In Wonderland Mural By Irony And Frank StylesAlice In Wonderland Mural By Irony And Frank Styles 2

Alice In Wonderland Mural By Irony And Frank Styles 3