We bring you an awesome new mural by L7M, a Brazilian street artist previously featured here on kickassthings.com, where we familiarized you with his work and painting style (abstract, frenetic strokes of spray paint and explosions of color).

Luis Gustavo Martins, one of São Paulo’s most prolific and unique street artists continues to amaze us returning with this new street art piece painted in his characteristic style. His first work in 2015 was created for the Huellas Del Arte Street Art Festival in Maracay, Venezuela where the Brazilian muralist painted one of his signature birds for the locals to enjoy.

Check out the image gallery below with this new representation of a bird created with the swish and splash technique that L7M well known, blending roughness and elegance in a beautiful display of street art that enlivens the streets of Maracay !

Visit L7M’s Faceebok page  and his Flickr photostream for more of his stunning street art pieces! His works are the proof that Brazilian talent doesn’t only exist in football !

New Mural By L7M - Huellas Del Arte 1

Beautiful New Mural By L7M For Huellas Del Arte Street Art Festival

L7M For Huellas Del Arte Street Art Festival 2


photo source: streetartnews.net