The problem of garbage thrown on the beaches world wide is a global issue for which there is no effective solution yet. Designer Mingyu Jeong is trying to solve this problem with an innovative and original idea: Dr. Recare, an automated robotic beach cleaner that uses 3D printers to recycle trash.

As simple as it is brilliant, Mingyu Jeong’s autonomous mobile doctor would patrol our beaches, using optical and acoustic sensors to detect and collect plastic trash from the sands as well as other bins themselves. The collected bins and trash are then melted down to filament before being immediately reformed and printed while the machine locates a more optimal location. The mobile trash bin printer than places a new bin with preference being given to areas that are high traffic and not at risk to being swept away by tides.

Unfortunately, this mobile 3D printer is currently at the concept stage and we can’t be sure that Dr. Recare will really take off, no matter how promising it is. Still, considering how useful it could be, it would be foolish to let the idea die.

Check out the image gallery below and read more about this interesting concept for beach clean-up in the diagrams. It’s mobile 3D printing at its best!

Dr. Recare - Mobile 3D Printer (1)

Dr. Recare - Mobile 3D Printer (2)

Dr. Recare - Mobile 3D Printer (3a)




Dr. Recare - Mobile 3D Printer (3)

automated robotic beach cleaner 4

automated robotic beach cleaner 5



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