Geoffrey Hewer-Candee, an illustrator and graphic designer based in the Boston, USA is trying to find the answer to some …unusual kind of problems. Animal Problems.

If you thought humans were the only ones with problems, you’ve probably never considered the daily dilemmas faced by other species. In his Animal Problems cartoons series, Geoffrey Hewer-Candee reinterprets some very recognizable human problems, transposing them in the animal world. The result is really funny, these ‘animal problems’ cartoons being totally relatable and very cute. They cover a range of things from commenting of social issues to just being goofy. Stuff like height, greed, allergies and the awkward ones (for animals at least) like Vegetarianism.

The Animal Problems by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee is a continually growing illustrations series so check out a few of our favorite ‘issues’ and visit for more. You should also know that starting from December, you can buy the Animal Problems book for just  $11.00 (the book including the firs 66 problems plus some bonus sketches and drawings).

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Animal Problems By Geoffrey Hewer-Candee 1


Animal Problems By Geoffrey Hewer-Candee 2


Animal Problems By Geoffrey Hewer-Candee 3#agoraphobia

Animal Problems - Agoraphobia 4#blaming the victim

Animal Problems - Blaming The Victim 5#arachnophobia

Animal Problems - Arachnophobia 6#double standards

Double Standards - Animal Problems 7#assholes

assholes - animal problems 8#experiments

Animal Problems - experiments 9#hot chicks

hot chicks by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee 10#gender

gender by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee 11#parties

parties by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee 12