Like any other form of art, the street art is a tool for telling social messages.  It is a way of expression.

Vancouver street artist iHeart is one of those who use graffiti as a vehicle to voice their opinions on social issues. He created a series of graffiti stencils through which he tries to highlight the negative influence of social media on the growing youth, alienating people instead of bringing them closer.

Expressing the idea that stands behind his creations, the Canadian artist said in an interview for “I see people walking down streets barely glancing up from their devices. Digitally we’re hyper-connected and yet so disconnected from each other”.

The message he wanted to send exceeded local boundaries precisely by those means he criticizes for the negative impact they have on the young generation, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. His “Nobody Likes Me” artwork has gained worldwide attention online after Banksy shared the image on Facebook.

A situation which the artist describes as ironic: “There’s almost too much irony that happened with this piece. Posting it on Instagram, Facebook, my website, and Twitter, then it going viral. Basically the idea behind the piece completely backfired”.

iHeart never wanted fame, considering the celebrity he enjoys now “overwhelming and awkward” but his graffiti stencils with their strong message and clean, Banksy-esque style, fully deserve the attention they receive.

Check out iHeart’s street art in the image gallery below and visit his website for information.

iHeart’s street art (1)

iHeart’s street art (2)

IHeart's Graffiti Stencils (3)

iHeart Graffiti Stencils (4)

iHeart Street Art (5)

iHeart Graffiti Stencil (6)

iHeart Street Art (8)

iHeart Street Art (7)

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