Cookie brand Oreo has finally confirmed that it will be launching a new red velvet flavor to its edition limited line-up, just in time  for Valentine’s Day flood of red and pink foods.

Rumors about the new variety first started to surface back in October, when a tweet was published featuring a picture of what appeared to be the new Red Velvet Oreo packaging.

Now it is confirmed that the Red Velvet Oreo is a real thing.  Much like the iconic cupcake that helped to inspire it, Oreo’s newest sandwich cookie flavor features a red-colored chocolate cookie base and a cream cheese frosting-flavored filling, making a move away from the original cookies and cream flavor that the brand is best known for.

The Red Velvet is the first Oreo to have a completely new cookie color since the Golden Oreo’s 2004 debut. Other unique flavors that have previously been introduced by the brand include last Halloween’s Candy Corn rendition, as well as Watermelon, Ice Cream, Caramel Apple and Birthday Cake.

We know that red velvet is heavenly in cakes, pies and even hot chocolate. But an Oreo? The first wave of reviews is positive, it seems that Red Velvet Oreo lives up to the brand and is a cookie worth eating.

The limited-edition flavor will arrive in stores on February 2 and sell for $4.49 for 6-8 weeks, or until packages run out.

Until then, check out the image gallery below. It will make your mouth water.

Red Velvet Oreo (1)

Red Velvet Oreo (2)

Red Velvet Oreos (5)

Red Velvet Oreos (6)

Red Velvet Oreos (7)

Red Velvet Oreos (4)




Red Velvet Oreos (3)