One of our many important purposes for this year, (a new year’s resolution) is to try promoting intensively out beautiful Romania. We want to present you a whole other side of our beautiful country, a side which will simply leave you breathless. At the same time, we would like to encourage all of you to visit our country, and at your turn, to pass on the incredible views to others.
We begin the gorgeous journey in our Carpathian mountains, in a place called Bâlea Lake. Here, you will find some of the most beautiful winter landscapes you’ve ever seen: a world of crystal, from dazzling white to the infinite shades of blue. As you go up to the cottage and to The Ice Hotel, way up above the clouds, it seemed that even the words start to crystallize and stick in strange shapes to the cable car’s windows, leaving us in a heavy silence. Once you’re experiencing thins, words become utterly useless.
Bâlea Glacier Lake (4,6 HA and 2.034 m altitude) is the home of an iconic, beautiful cottage, which now serves as a Carpathian sports center. We assure you that if you come across this magical place, this cottage is a must-see, especially now in the winter time.
This first cottage by the Bâlea Glacier Lake was built in 1904 by Siebenbürgischer Karpatenverein / Transylvanian Carpathian Association and inaugurated on 29 August 1905.
It was a simple building made entirely of stone and provided with a single room. In 1937 it was a little bit renewed, with the addition of a wooden building. In 1948-1949, the cottage was again restored, the new building being inaugurated in the 27th of November, 1949. In 1975, to facilitate access of the cottage and the adjacent routes to it, a cable car was arranged. In 1995, a serious fire destroyed entirely the cottage, and after 5 more years, in the year of 2000, began the reconstruction of the current cabin.

The oldest accreditation of a climbing in this massive was recorded by Dr. G. Lindner, around 1700, in the “Valley of the Lady” ( Valea-Doamnei). Before 1750, a new entry points out another presence in that specific area. That presence was Captain Jacob Zultner, who was there with geographical purposes.

After presenting you a very short legend of this unimaginable place, we invite you to see for yourselves where it all happened, and we hope that with the help of our up-coming articles, more and more of you folks will explore our beautiful country!

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