Most of us don’t think of putting too much effort into the kind of bed we have, outside of the size, bed sheets, and comfort. However, you’d be surprised at how many insanely creative beds exist for those wanting to sleep in something extraordinary.

From the category of beds that are more than just a piece of furniture or just a place to sleep, the ones that are ultimately creative and defy the norms of design,  we bring you the Ice Bed by Who Cares?! Design, a small, four person creative studio and architecture firm based in Vienna, Austria.

The Ice Bed is a sculptural bed, made entirely of DuPont Corian – a solid surface that can be customized to the exact look, color and style,  and is simply amazing! This design material of the future has a mat surface, has sharp edges and can be processed seamlessly.

The bed is in the center of the room, has a geometric structure and as it names says, it looks like an iceberg, giving an air of exquisiteness mixed with a hint of foreboding. LED lights run from the base of the structure, up and around to the top of the room. A second set runs along the room’s countertop and can change colors on command.

Next to its creative and daring design, the ICE BED provides a lot of external and internal storage. The back of the bed is incised through the whole back-wall which divides this element into two areas, the exhibition area and the storage area.

We love the way Ice Bed looks, it provides a huge sense of security and comfort. Enjoy the photo set below and head here to check out more work from the firm.

The Ice Bed by WhoCares Design 3

The Ice Bed by WhoCares Design 1

The Ice Bed By Who Cares Design 7

The Ice Bed By Who Cares Design 2

The Ice Bed By Who Cares Design 4

The Ice Bed By Who Cares Design 5

The Ice Bed By Who Cares Design 6


photos and video: courtesy of Who Cares ?! design