Have you ever been curious what would it be like to eat gold? Literally? We’ve found the perfect mix: ice cream and…gold! For those who have the money to fly to Dubai and then spend another $800 on a single scoop of ice cream, the chance to have gold inside of your body is something that could become a reality, thanks to the Black Diamond Ice cream.

This cafe in Dubai called Scoopi serves the world’s most expensive ice cream. The Black Diamond ice cream is made form Madagascar vanilla that has been infused with the highest quality Iranian saffron, and then topped with slices of black Italian truffles and 23-carat edible gold. Not fancy enough? On top of all this, the extravagant desert is served in a Versace dish with matching spoon which you get to keep after all is said and done.

Surprisingly, even though Scoopi is a newly launched chocolatier and ice cream cafe, it has a lots of clients who are interested in this highly expensive treat.

Do you think this deserves a whooping Dh2,999 (about $800), and even if you had the money, would you all pay this kind of money for a single scoop of it?

Black Diamond ice cream 2


black diamond ice-cream

black diamond ice cream 3