As you already know if you’ve read us so far, we’re big fans of pencil made drawings. No computer drawing program, no photoshop corrections… just pure art.

One of the most inspiring, eye-catching pencil drawings we’ve seen lately belong to PEZ, a french illustrator, painter and graphic designer who manages to create magic with just a pencil and a piece of paper.

Besides the incredible level of detail, these amazing pencil drawings by PEZ also carry a strong visual message, depicting a a fallen down world.

With a street-art aesthetic, PEZ’s drawings have a wide-range of subjects, from the humorous and beautiful, to the political and grotesque.

In the image gallery below you’ll find a few of our favorite works. Check it out and if you like what you see, follow PEZ on Facebook, Instagram, Behance or his personal site.

Pencil Drawings By Pez (1)

Pencil Drawings By Pez (2)

Pez Pencil Drawings 6

Amazing Drawings By PEZ 4

Pencil Drawings By Pez 3

Pez Pencil Drawings 10

Pez Pencil Drawings 7

Pez Pencil Drawings 8

Pez Pencil Drawings 9

Pez Pencil Drawings 16

Pencil Drawings By Pez 11

Pez Pencil Drawings 12

Pez Pencil Drawings 14

Pez Pencil Drawings 15

PEZ Drawing 18

Awesome Pencil Drawings By PEZ 17


photo source: facebook/PEZ