We came across a very interesting project, put together by Hella Jongerius, for a Bavarian porcelain manufacture called Nymphenburg. By combining industry and craft, she gave life to various animal-filled porcelain bowls, meticulously crafted by hand and designed by her. It seems like the series was produced as a celebration of the animal world. The blown-up decorative patterns, which partly cover the sculpted animals, were originally used on the company’s cups and saucers. The displays are also hand painted with floral decorative patterns.

The ceramics display animals look as if they have been temporarily and calmly placed upon the delicate bowls—curious foxes, birds,and miniature hippos happily plopped into their fragile environments. This project of her’s brings us somehow even closer to nature and brightens up everyone’s day.

According to Hella’s website, the production is unlimited, but the price is yet unknown. If you are interested in seeing these original animal-bowls, numerous collections appear in shows such as Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch, Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, FNAC Puteaux, Nationalmuseum Stockholm.

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Hella Jongenius animal_bowls dog Hella Jongenius animal_bowls snail Hella Jongenius animal_bowls_bunny

Hella Jongenius animal_bowls_fox Hella Jongenius animal_bowls_frog Hella Jongenius animal_bowls_hippo


Hella Jongenius animal_bowls_hippo 2