Here at we love both the tattoo art and cinematographic one so we decided to do an article that combines these two passions of ours, turning our attention to movie inspired tattoos, the perfect way to celebrate your favorite movie.

Since its invention, the cinema has been a great source of inspiration for artists and viewers. We’ve all seen movies that have left a mark on us, scenes that impressed us to tears or characters in whose stories we’ve found ourselves. So what better way to pay homage to a certain movie by getting a tattoo inspired by it ?

It is all about those entertaining and memorable film scenes, or maybe a quotation or a character that people want to immortalize on their bodies…From Breaking Bad sleeves to Riddick murals, these movie inspired tattoos are not only visually impressive, but they also tell a story,  representing something a person feels strongly about,  an essential thing for a tattoo.

We made a selection with 20 of the most beautiful movie inspired tattoos that we’ve found out there. Check it out and tell us what is your favorite one  or what is your cult movie and if you would ink it!

1. “Gone with the Wind” (1939)

Movie Inspired Tattoos - Gone with the Wind Tattoo 12. Ragnar Lothbrok from ‘Vikings’

Vikings Tattoo - Movie Inspired Tattoo 23. An Immortal From 300

Immortal Tattoo - Movie Inspired Tattoo4. Uma Thurman in ‘Pulp Fiction’

Uma Thurman In Pulp Fiction - Movie Inspired Tattoos 4s

5. Lt. Col. Frank Slade (Pacino) and Donna (Anwar) in “Scent of a Woman”

Scent Of A Woman Tattoo 5s

6. Batman Inspired Sleeve

Batman Sleeve7. Star Wars

Star Wars Tattoo 68. The Godfather

The Godfather Tattoo Sleeve 89. Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs” 

Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs10. Friends

Friends Tattoo11. Elizabeth Taylor In Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor In Cleopatra

12. Walter White (Breaking Bad Tatt00)

Walter White Tattoo13. Jason ( Friday the 13th )

Jason In Friday The 13th tattoo

14. Leonardo DiCaprio In Django Unchained

Django Unchained Tattoo

15. Daenerys Targaryen From Game Of Thrones

daenerys targaryen tattoo

16. Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp - Jack Sparrow Tattoo

17. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt / Tyler Durden – Fight Club

Fight Club Tattoo 1

18. Al Pacino / Tony Montana in Scarface

Al Pacino - Tony Montana Tattoo19. Scream

Scream Tattoo

20.  Brad Pitt / Lt. Aldo Raine – Inglorious Basterds

Inglorious Basterds Tattoo