As we all know, no man’s garage is complete without a bicycle. In recent years the quality of bike you can get has steadily been on the rise. Back in the day if you wanted a top of the line bike you had to build it from scratch, piece by piece. Nowadays there is so much variety on the market, that you could find it hard to decide on which bike to buy.

If you want something really special and you are willing to pay for it, we present you The Vicious Cycle, a collaboration under Dutchmann platform between retired frame-builder Duncan MacIntyre and composite specialist Anton Dekker.

The Vicious Cycle combines contemporary and classic into something entirely new. Hand-built and carefully crafted, this bike is designed with the true bicycle aficionado in mind as the basically is exclusively available in an edition of 10.

The frame was built by MacIntyre for the Track World Championships in the mid 80’s and then used again for the SA Olympics later. Lacquered in black, stripped and coppered, the dark frame has the air of a quiet and fierce competitor. Made from Reynolds 653 and Columbus steel tubing, it’s both light weight and strong, perfect for the track.
Dekker’s tri-spoke, carbon wheels boldly show off the power of The Vicious Cycle. Custom crafted with state-of-the-art carbon fiber, the wheels were crafted with a custom mold and then given four layers of composites and honey-comb for optimal performance.

The logo was given careful consideration as well, as Gustav Greffrath, a Johannesburg Creative Director and Designer,  was responsible for making a symbol that “speaks of movement, speed and craftsmanship.”

This hybrid bicycle boasts traditional craftsmanship with modern state-of-the-art components, a hand-built beast of a machine that can be bought via email inquiry for $4,800 USD. Check it out.

The Vicious Cycle By Dutchmann 1

The Vicious Cycle By Dutchmann 2

The Vicious Cycle By Dutchmann 3

The Vicious Cycle By Dutchmann 4