Your wedding ring is something that you’ll want to wear for the rest of your life, so it’s got to be perfect! While classic is all well and good, brides-to-be who don’t fit the solitaire-diamond-in-platinum mold will be happy to know that today’s array of totally unique engagement rings has never been so bountiful (or beautiful).

If you have your heart set on a custom ring make sure to check Andrzej Bielak’s unique engagement and wedding rings. Andrzej is a jewellery designer and manufacturer based in Poland who runs a family business with long traditions in making special tailor-made rings by applying traditional processing methods, and we have to admit – he creates true masterpieces.

Working closely with his clients and using personal elements like fingerprints, prints of  hand, lips or even an ECG or a secret message in a binary code, Andrzej Bielak creates truly unique, personal wedding rings. Every ring is handmade to the clients specification and all come with a lifetime guarantee.

We selected a few of our favorites in the image gallery, if you like what you see visit fore more.

#kissing rings

Unique Engagement And Wedding Rings By Andrzej Bielak 1

#I said I love you – sound wave engravery in gold rings

Unique Engagement And Wedding Rings By Andrzej Bielak 2#Amor Vincit Omnia – Niello technique

Niello technique Rings By Bielak 3#one ring to rule them all – inspired by Lord Of The Rings

My Precious Wedding Ring 4#You’re whole world for me

Unique Engagement And Wedding Rings By Andrzej Bielak 3#tiny fingerprints

fingerprints wedding ring by Bielak 4#rough diamond ring

rough diamond ring 5#Morse alphabet

Original Wedding Ring By Bielak 6#square palladium

square palladium wedding rings 7#Pink and grey square

Pink and grey square wedding rings by Beilak 8#heart beat

Heart Beat Wedding Rings By Bielak 9#Light blue

Light blue Wedding Ring 10

#Adam’s Rib –  hers perfectly match inside his, fingerprints on side.

Adam’s Rib Wedding Ring By Bielak 11