The leading figures of international street art may work almost exclusively under aliases but it is no secret that the overwhelming majority of them are men.

Though street art is still a boys’ club, women like Faith47 or Vinie are trying to change the status quo, putting their own empowering spin on the male-dominated graffiti art form and getting good attention.

We previously featured some of the best Faith47’s works and now we’re turning our attention to Vinie, a French street artist born in Toulouse in 1984 who managed to make herself a name in the world of street art with her funky, optimistic and always bright and appealing style.

Vinie Graffiti’s pieces are usually feminine – her works almost always have a woman as her main subject. The artist even has a trademark character. It’s an elegant black skinned lady with big eyes (with an air of Japanese manga) and a huge afro hair which is often styled from different colored graffiti bubble tags.

She always uses bright and bold colors to create her signature character, a pin-up of modern times, a mix of hip-hop inspiration for the look and pop for the flamboyant colors she wears.

Vinie’s new mural was created for Le M.U.R., a non-profit artistic collective which has become a reference within the street art world and is made in the style that made her well known: the mural depicts a woman with a funky afro hair, catching our eyes with the lovely bright blue.

You can see this awesome new mural by Vinie in the image gallery below and if you want to please your eyes with more of her beautiful works, visit Vinie’s Facebook page or website.

Beautiful New Mural By Vinie 1

Beautiful New Mural By Vinie 2

Beautiful New Mural By Vinie 3

Beautiful New Mural By Vinie 4


photo source: Vinie's Facebook