The Nanoleaf’s Gem LED lightbulb is the answer if you’re looking for a bulb to save money and energy but also to look good at the same time. Unlike the rounded conventional lightbulbs, the Nanoleaf bulbs are crafted with striking dodecahedron shapes and the Nanoleaf Gem is no exception: the geometric charm makes it a looker, wheter on or off !

Like other LED bulbs, you can install this uniquely-shaped lighting unit on a socket in a ceiling, a lamp, or any other fixture to illuminate the immediate space. Unlike them, it easily doubles as a decorative item, with its gemstone-like appearance guaranteed to attract attention anywhere it’s stationed.

As Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf says, the Nanoleaf Gem’s faceted glass isn’t just all about looks: “for the first time ever, an LED bulb offers both elegance and efficiency”. This awesome jewel-like bulb comes in two variants: a 5-watt version that outputs 470 lumens just like a 40-watt bulb and an 8-watt version that delivers 800 lumens just like a 60-watt lighting element. Both switches on and lights up like traditional LEDs, with a 2,700K color temperature that’s very pleasant for reading. The bulbs have a lifespan of over 23 years and they are shatter-resistant !

Nanoleaf’s Gem is the perfect way to decorate your home with light. Check it out in the image gallery and video below and visit for more info.

Nanoleaf’s Gem LED Light bulbs  1

Nanoleaf’s Gem LED Light bulbs  2

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