For the past few months we’ve presented our users different kinds of beautiful murals. Most of all were in the form of street art, graffiti. ( Vinie, L7M, Faith47,etc) You readers have probably noticed that we love street art- we love its beauty, the way it changes the faces of cities, the messages it transmits…We consider that not only the street art movement has become more relevant than ever, but is also a defining expression of our times.

So this time, Belgian artist Stefaan de Crook drew our attention with his uniqueness. Stefaan De Crook has created ‘Elsewhere’, a large mural on the side of an old furniture factory in Mechelen, Belgium, that is made from discarded doors. The mural was created as part of the Mechcelen Muurt Project.

If you look closely enough, you’ll see that the mural was made by piecing together discarded wooden planks, doors, floors and furniture. He didn’t do any improvements on any of the doors; all the wood stayed exactly like he found it. He worked very hard in his project (imagine finding the right wood and cutting them into perfect pieces in order for it to fit), but it was totally worth it!

mural made from discarded wood 1

mural made from discarded doors 2

mural made from discarded doors 3

mural made from discarded doors 4

mural made from discarded doors 5

mural made from discarded doors 6

mural made from discarded doors 7

mural made of discarded wood

stefan de crook

stefan de crook 1