What’s more beautiful than being partners in real life AND in business? The following couple doesn’t just spend every minute together; they also manage to create something unique and inspirational. Artists Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl are partners in life and business. Together, they create stunning works of functional stone art for homes and public spaces under the name, Ancient Art of Stone.

The duo’s business is to consult, design, build & create timeless dynamic functional art forms for private and public spheres in the medium of stone. They work collaboratively with both professional and private clients in the fields of architecture, construction, city planning or within the privacy of a home environment.

Ancient Art of Stone is based in Canada on Vancouver Island.Additionally, they have opened an online store selling limited edition Giclee prints of some of their most popular stone works.

According to them, their inspiration flows directly from nature and the pure simple forms and rhythms that are inherent within the creative forces of the Earth. Their medium is stone which is both timeless and sustaining. The element and spirit of stone is the most ancient of all the kingdoms of the Earth. All of the most dated sites around the world are built from stone and contain an immortal and mysterious quality connected to the truth and flow of nature; what is known today as sacred geometry.

Most of their designs are guided by nature (“Come forth into the light of things, Let nature be your teacher.”) and that’s what makes them outstanding. Have a look!







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