After “Joben Bistro“, the steampunk designed pub, another theme bar has recently opened in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The Submarine Pub is actually the brainchild of the 6th-Sense Interiors design company, who previously created the Jules Verne theme pub.

The drinking spot is decked out to look like a deep sea sub, even down to torpedoes mounted on the ceiling which travel up and down the length of the bar.With it’s nautical navigation charts and torpedoes mounted on the ceiling, at first glance this could be a Cold War submarine, patrolling the deep. But look a little closer and the control desk where a commander might fire a missile from is in fact a DJ booth, while underneath the pressure gauges and periscopes sit tables and bar stools.

The bar is split into two vault-shaped rooms, each with its own bar, as well as details found on many a submarine, such as control panels, visible pipes, bolted metal doors, an engine-powered propeller and the two torpedoes which are attached to the ceiling. The walls are covered with pressure gauges and wall-mounted pipes, as well as artwork featuring real-life submarine adventures.

The nightclub of course features a fully-stocked bar, where you can enjoy a Sea Breeze or a Blue Lagoon, and features a special rum bar – perfect for those who dream of sailing the seven seas.
New theme bar Submarine is bringing a little of the ocean to land-locked gorgeous Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second largest city after capital Bucharest, offering a deep sea drinking experience. The submarine themed-bar is the only one of its kind in Romania, and has proven popular with many visitors to the city.





The submarine pub

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