We stumbled across an interesting set of pictures created by Stephen McMennamy. Although we couldn’t find much about him as an artist, we do know that the excellent Combophoto series is quite popular among the internet surfers..

Stephen Mcmennamy is a talented photographer, creative director and artist currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Stephen combines two or more photographs to create unexpected situations, having fun on Instagram by juxtaposing photographs unrelated to each other to create funny and quirky mash-ups. He usually involves huge contrasts in scale in order to increase his humor. So tractors and heavy machinery are turned into giant mechanisms for food delivery, while an ice cream cone becomes an actual snowy mountain top. He manages to turn cigars into french fries and a banana into a pencil.

He clearly has a rich imagination and he knows how to “harness” it. He can easily turn into a source of inspiration for many photographers out there. We encourage him to do projects like this more often because he sure knows how to do it and with just a couple of images, he caught a lot of attention over the night.

McMennamy is also a creative director at BBDO Atlanta and you can see more of his work on his Instagram page.





Stephen Mcmennamy

Stephen Mcmennamy2

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