A young Japanese photographer and computer software engineer, Takashi Kitajima, is bringing us two of the best creative stories straight from Tokyo. By his continuous efforts and challenges, and after winning 3 awards in 2014, he established his own methods, emphasizing glows at night scenes and the beautiful cityscape of his own city called “extra bokeh photography” and Glassporthole photography.

Bokeh photography is a tilt-shifting photo style where intensely unfocused light dominates the frame, drawing surreal beauty from technically ‘imperfect’ compositions. ‘Bokeh’ itself is also a way to discuss the way a camera interprets out-of-focus light, which appears in many traditional photos. Takashi turns street lamps and cityscape into oceans of bulbous, colored lights. To capture these images requires a lens with a shallow depth of field—such as a macro or telephoto lens—and perfectly arranging the shot so only the right colors shine through. Certain variables in the camera’s structure affect how the light will blur—for example, a lens that improperly corrects spherical aberration will make wider, softer balls of unfocused light than a normal lens.

He used these camera “flaws” to his advantage when creating the images for Extra Bokeh, and the result is mesmerizing. Even if the photo series look perfect, he is still trying to master the craft even more, growing as a bokeh photographer.

He kind of raised the bar by introducing a magnifying glass into some of his extra bokeh. With the help of it, he captures Tokyo’s cityscape through the magnifying glass, creating interesting compositions, in and out of focus.

We invite you to scan the following pictures and if you like them, you can check out more of his work on his website of his Flickr page.

# Extra Bokeh Photography

extra bokeh photography 5

bokeh photography

takashi kitajima 1



extra bokeh photography 6

extra bokeh photography

extra bokeh photography 1

extra bokeh photography 2

extra bokeh photography 4

extra bokeh 6

# Glassporthole photography


glassporthole 1

glassporthole 2

glassporthole 3

glassporthole 4

glassporthole 5

glassporthole 6

takashi kitajima4